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Suggestion for right combine between the food/wine


It is necessary to emphasize that many techniques of coupling between food and wine exist, the exact study methodology demands passion and much experience for being able to calibrate, in possible more effective way our feelings stimulated from the gustative papillae is for the food that for the wine, to this purpose is necessary to be in possession of very precise rules that allow us to use in the more appropriate way some terms or definitions that will help us to face the thematic of right combine between food and wine

The wine is bound together to the food in order better to characterize it, in order to make to appreciate it and to exercise on the food a function of liquid support and to succeed to balance sure extreme feelings that the food can have. In a perfect coupling the food and the wine must be one to the service to the other without to surpass themselves. Other fixed rule is that he is the much simplest one to bind together an unbalanced food rather than a food without excesses. In the tradition of the gastronomy it is attempted to limit such excesses by means of the system of the contours, that is placing side by side to the food base something that of it moderates sure feelings. More a food perfectly is balanced more will have difficulty to bind together it, because it is like if we put in a sure sense in a perfect circle something that does not find space. Easier the right combination is had with wines balances to you enough, wines that is that they have loss of balance between hardness and softness, with foods that have these losses of balance in opposite sense. When we speak about psychological traditional coupling or to topic we speak about those that are the couplings standard. It is discounted a bound together traditional plate to a local wine but today they are most difficult because the wines are not more those than once. Also a successful coupling with one biggest table of customers could equally not winning if be offered to others. That is the case in which the take place psychological and subjective factor. The right combination to topic is that simplest one but also it is less used from the wine steward, because draft of the case in which the customer it orders in advance payment the wine and on that wine constructs the food. To such purpose it will be necessary to deepen the argument of the right combination for Contrast with the Mercadini method, (Show the table here under).

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The visual graphical card here over, filler the sense of small elements taste is of the food that of the wine more important for a correct one and balanced sensory coupling. In a corrected coupling the wine will have to harmonize with the food contrasting some the feelings in contrast forming therefore two poligonali figures, plus the figures they will turn out more round as possible and more the right combination will be balanced.


All these feelings are reported to every single food and to every single wine that tastes, it is however useful to know the preparation of one single dishes.

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