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The wine tasting



The taste art is not a privilege for only a few persons: except that persons, who depend on  malformations or illness which offend the sense call to take part in operation of the wine tasting, all the human being, they have the possibility to tasting wine, on condition that they have interest to learn the base technical, and fundamental rudiments about the drink examination. Everybody own sufficient ability sense to carry out the wine tasting analysis.
The taster can be classified in "empirical" or "technical" based on the specific competence, to the preparation, the attended school and the possessed cultural baggage. But for being considered taster the individual logical and able being must however formulate possible the most objective judgment

The assay finds the feelings in several is made successive: at first Between the personal sensations feelings of which we are in possession, those more useful for one corrected tasting are :le visual ones the sense of smell, the tactile ones, the gustative and the taste-sense of smell. The final judgment examines the presence less or than an just equilibrium (harmony) between the various sensations of personal members. The several feelings closely are tied the one to the others, and to times they influence on the successive impressions, anticipating judgments and allowing important comparisons. Classic, to such purpose, the consideration "Wine that it promises to the scent well, but that to the taste it is revealed still young".

When it is gotten ready to us to taste is useful to remember some practical rules: it is necessary to begin from the lighter and young wines in order to finish with those of greater body and old; the sweet wines always for last. Of rule: white men, rose wine, red young people, red age to you, sweet Charmat sparkling wines, sparkling wines method classic, wines, aromatic wines us, finally aromatic Charmat sparkling wines sweet us. The optimal premises in which to carry out at the taste must have a good brightness obtained with neon and filament lamps and rigorously not arrange of a support plan white man, waves to be able to estimate exactly the aspect of the wine. The glass must always be handled taking it for the stem and never for the body, in order to avoid the cause interfering of it smells coming from the hand; profits bread or cracker not salted in order to neutralize the palate during the assays, it will be useful between a wine and to other to clean up our gustative papillae with the assistance of a natural glass of water.

The glass of the Taster


The glass is for the taster true and just an instrument of job and is fundamental that it answers to determines technical requirement to you, than helps it to gain from a wine the greater number of possible information. These information can subsequently be confronted with those obtained from other tasters to pact that comes used the same glass and that it is offered of a common meter of judgment. The I. S. O. (International Organization Standard) has codified a glass that comes all over the world used from the tasters professionals and that it is adapted in order to taste all the kinds of wine and of the distillate; this glass is the same one that comes adopted in the course. The main limit of glass I. S. O. é that one of being been born more in order to discover the defects that in order to exalt the good point of the products it tastes to you, and such limit é still more obvious with sparkling wines and fizzy wines. In fact the bubbles, for develop in abundant and continuous way, have need of "coming up from the bottom towards at the top" of the glass that in decreases to us to flūte comes created from the constructor, but that they lack in the technical glass; moreover the bubbles are developed well only if they have been pours at least 7 to you cm. of sparkling wine, while the scents are finer and elegant if there are at least 4 cm. free between the top of the glass and the hair of the wine !!!

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