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What we propose you



Our attempt in this web site is to propose to the customers an office on line, where everyone can demand and to formulate comfortably from house or from your workplace, whichever demand, question or estimate of purchase, quotation about the wine, every general information and all those classified questions of personal interest and that regard the world of the wine, that we think must receive as many classified in personal reply. You will be able to receive news everywhere you found by email. It is for that, our expert can be able to answer only those people who want to receive or to use, it's performance of advising or intermediation, depend of the cases, the cost of this service is € 4.00, for every answer, we pray you therefore to place maximum 4 answer a questions for every email that you send, in a way plus clearly as possible, in order to obtain the maximum from this performance. We can guarantee to you and to assure experience, professional and seriousness, the answers will be personalized and classified. It will be important to send more possible details to us of your demands.

In order to assure and to guarantee our performance, we advise to read carefully and therefore to accept the terms for the service on line: (General Terms and Conditions of the service). Get Adobe Reader

The request of sale on line, depends on the various home delivery, for example, the origin of the goods Italy, or other country of the Europe, exception of the goods in our possession. We must demand to you, a confirmation about direct selling or on line purchase from Wine Diffusion , through shipment of a estimate pro-form document by email. The payment will have to be anticipated at the operation within a maximum of 15 days, at the end of this time, it will be file, only at the payment happened Wine Diffusion on line will be able to send to you the goods. Will be release an invoice only we received the payment, the minimum of purchase are  € 200,00.

For all ours customers that are be registration on our web-site, will be made an % of discount on the goods purcheses, but you must compiling the appropriate module, Thanks.

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