General terms and conditions of our service




1.1 The present conditions on line general term of the service regulate the relationships between Wine Diffusion, supplier of the service, with legal situs in via Corradini 33-36016 Thiene,(of called continuation "Wine Diffusion") and the continuation customers (call to you " Customer ") of the services offers on the situated present. Every customer, is that she acquires a good (of called continuation "Purchaser") it is that sale (of called continuation participates to one "Bidder"),it is engages to adhere itself to the following conditions general term.
1.2 Accepting the present Conditions it only generales term the User will be able to approach the service offered from Wine Diffusion.
1.3 The present agreement will be in vigor between the parts from the date of demand for the User service to indefinite time and more specifically in carried out occasion than each offered sale and of each User, just name or on behalf of thirds party, but the User right of recent and renouncing to use of the service. The recess from the User part will be able to happen in every moment and with immediate effect, but dealings demanded in course to the which the User participates which Bidder/Applicant on line, in the which case the recess from the Service will be valid only to the result term, knows eventual the obligation in any case to you that derived the User from the same result. To 5 senses of the article codicil 4 of the D.legisl. 22/5/1999, n. 185, the recess right practices with to send of one written communication at the address of Wine Diffusion in Via Corradini 33-36016 Thiene Vicenza Italy, by means of letter registered letter with reception warning. The communication can be sended also by means of telegram, fax, email, to give up Wine Diffusion to the condition that is confirmed by means of letter registered letter in the 48 following hours.
1.4 Wine Diffusion will be able to recedere from the offered Service of the User anytime to leave from the first day of following calendar to the demand for the same service of, by means of communication sended by supplied email to the User at the address and with effect from the first following day to the date of such warning.
1.5 Wine Diffusion reserves the right to vary the characteristics of the service that is the present Conditions general term anytime, giving of at he User communication through email with consistent advance payment. Only later on to a renewed acceptance of the new conditions, the User will be able to have approached the services offers from Wine Diffusion on line.

1.6 In case recorded the User has become responsible of a serious inadvertence of the present Conditions generales term of the service, Wine Diffusion reserves the right, without some penalty and by means of communication sended  supplied by email at the address to the User and with immediate effect from the date of such warning, to suspend or to close the relationship with the User and to refuse for the future not the access to all or leaves of the services. Wine Diffusion will be able in any case to consider resolved of right the relationship with the User, interrupting the service, in the case of violation of following articles: 3.d (false or incomplete information), 5.b (impossibility to the revoke of the offer, guarantees and availability), 5.c (disturbing, sale of illicit assets).
1.7 Eventual claims on the operation of the service could be send to you by email to and, by regular mail, to Wine Diffusion via Corradini 33,36016 Thiene Vicenza Italy.

2,1 Wine Diffusion does not organize neither realizes sales put up for auction, but it is proposed to offer a twofold order of services:
A) Sale and advising on linens: by email, information general term, wine or objects of property of Customers or of Wine same from Wine Diffusion, exposed with a synthetic description or from a photography, are puttinges in sale to a determined not susceptible price of variation, expenses for the shipment and the times can vary to second of the origin of the offer (Italy or Foreign) and to its relative destination of delivery. Who thinks it, can carry out the purchase anytime. The payment, will have to happen in advance through the methodology described in situated for the entire of its amount. The sale of Advising by email is of 5.00 euro and comprises a maximum of 4 ask a questions, The User is held to the saying regulation amount in advance through the methodology described in situated for the entire the its amount. For the delivery of the goods carried out from other Customers, Wine Diffusion does not think responsible of eventual breaches or damages caused from thirds party and brings you to the same goods during the shipment way, in how much thinks the service only intermediation. Upon request of the Customer it is possible to consult the course on line through shipment of a password, that it will be assigned to the Customer not as soon as executed the such payment for services(follow the passages on line). Always upon request, as far as the services on line, and only after that Wine Diffusion chip axes from the User proposal, the payment will be able to happen also through mark mails them or banking discount, while for the delivery of the goods/objects/food, could be carried out at the moment of the delivery with eventual additional expenses of the service.
B) Intermediation: Wine Diffusion thinks the intermediation the really news aspect of the offered service. With this new service, Wine Diffusion is proposed to render to all those who possible, interested, will think to have use of the service, to carry out purchases or sales on proposed linens of goods from thirds party. Wine Diffusion is not responsible of eventual wrong information supplied from the customers to the situated one, exposes a selection of objects that have been supplied from the customers indicating the amount the asking price and one synthetic description of the product with to an eventual sended photographic image. For the intermediation of a whichever purchase or sale, Wine Diffusion will demand a commission of (10%) arrange on the value of the purchase of the goods is for the Bidder that for the purchaser and to issue upon request to regulate invoice for the minimal amount of € 50.00 for the object and of € 200.00 for the beverage, other expenses like shipment and pakaging are added, in these cases the times of delivery can be varied to second of the origin of shipment of the goods. To the aim to guarantee the maximum clarity and to avoid every risen of misunderstand, all the values of sale or purchase publish on line to you are from considering themselves comprehensive of the percentage of intermediation that constitutes the well-paid part of the activity of Wine Diffusion; the relative costs to you for the transport and the shipment of the good and the other additional costs are excluded and accessories (like  for example: insurance of the Goods, and additional costs for the payment against document etc).

We inform to you: Auctions are not carried out on line, if one demanded comes carried out from more customers for the same article will be given the priority to that one reached to us in order before.

3.1 The line will be able to make use of the services offers from Wine Diffusion only the Customers who possess the legal ability to underwrite a valid contract.
3.2 Who wants to only acquire on line, does not have some obligation to accept the conditions of this generales term. Moreover he will be held to communicate the necessary data to the ends of the fiscal, book keeping implementations and of shipment of the objects he acquires to you, beyond, naturally, to the data connected to the carry out of the operation of payment in the terms described in the situated one. For being able to approach the intermediation services demands to Wine Diffusion, the User must preventively compile the card of acceptance of the contracted present, than it will come given back through email for ulterior confirmation and acceptance to it. The User is engaged to supply in this occasion just the name, the own personal identifying data, The address every email and other data demanded in correct and really way. To the aim to guarantee the maximum correctness and transparency for the use of the Service and for the best protection of the subjects that of it have use of, The User are engages to modernize the own personal identifying data timely records to you, included just address email, so that these turn out in every moment complete and really. Such supplied data will come use you in order to the art. 10 of the law 31 675 Decembers 1996 n° relative to the protection of the persons and other subjects regarding the treatment of the personal data, the supplied data will not be yielded to thirds party.
3.3 In the case in which the identifying data and the necessary information for the User recording supplied they were not correct, the really or they turned out incomplete, Wine Diffusion reserves the right, without some penalty and by means of communication sended for the User supplied email to the address, with immediate effect from the first follwing day to the date of such warning, to suspend or to close the relationship with the User and of refuse in the future all or it leave of the services offers.
3.4 The transport of goods/objects/food is to complete burden and at the User cure. Wine Diffusion supplies through the own courier/shipment, to the shipment of the goods, in Italy that to the foreign. At the title of pure indicative is evidenced as the cost depends normally on the total volume, the distance and the speed of demanded delivery.
3.5 The User will be thought responsible for eventual actions and behaviors in contrast with the enforced laws or the present general term and Conditions.
3.6 The User is engaged to hold undamaged and do not involve Wine Diffusion from whichever responsibility, loss, claim, it gives, or to expense, comprised those lawyers, demand from thirds party or other Customers in reason of operations carried out for wrong means and the use of just the name, or personal position from same he or thirds party, also to its unknown.
4.1 The User commit oneself to hold Wine, and totally undamaged do not involve Wine Diffusion from any damage endured from Wine same Diffusion in violation of the present Conditions and Generales term of the Service of which he it is responsible direct or indirect, included eventual pretensions, claims, sets in action lawyers of any type, penal or administrative civil endorsements endured from Wine Diffusion like consequence of how much over.

4.2 These Conditions and the subject Service are the application of the D. lgs n. 185 of 22 May 1999. The User concurs express at the use of the e-mail which mass media at a distance. The User chip ax that to senses of the art. 4 of the aforesaid D. lgs the written confirmation of the contained information in these Conditions is carried out for email and is obligated to unload them, to print them and to conserve them.
4.3 For not express considered how much in the present Conditions, the relationships between Wine Diffusion on line and the Customers will be discipline to you from the Italian law.

5.1 The User chip ax to raise from every responsibility Wine Diffusion, and its collaborators, for whichever damage turn out to the use of its situated one, whichever are the cause of the damage.
5.2 Without to limit the capacity of the other contained dispositions in the present agreement, the responsibility of Wine Diffusion, that he is penal or contractual, could not be attributed for which had facts to cause of act of God, a fortuitous case or an action of thirds party or the victim of the damage.
5.3 The parts recognize that it constitutes, in particular, a fortuitous case the block or the problems of technical order that regards the material, the programs, and the software informed or Internet to us, comprised, but not limited, to interruptions, suspensions or blocks of the service. The User recognizes that Wine Diffusion can not to be thought responsible of the damages legacies to these problems.
5.4 Wine Spread on line does not guarantee that the offered service to be continuous, without temporary or definitive interruptions or errors.
5.5 Wine Diffusion reserves the right to suspend, to close, to extend or to withdraw a good or a service on line, for reasons lawyers or techniques. Wine Diffusion cannot assume the responsibility for the consequent damages to such facts.
6,1 Wine Diffusion reserves the right to sell to thirds party spaces advertising on its situated one.
6.2 Situated of Wine Diffusion on the line can contain links situated hypertext that they send back to other Internet. Wine Diffusion can not to be considered responsible of the content of the situated exteriors, the operation of the access to these situated ones, of the relations between the User and the holders of these situated ones. Wine Diffusion does not approve of and he is not responsible of the content, the opinions or the products or services sold on these situated exteriors. Wine Diffusion can not be thought responsible of the damages or of the caused losses of this use, whichever it's, of these situated exteriors.


7.1 Wine Diffusion reserves the right to modify the present agreement. Whichever modification will be communicated to the User for means of email and during the use of the services of Wine Diffusion after that such modification will have had place.
7.2 In case of the User acceptance of the modifications of this agreement, the new clauses will regulate, also retroactive, all the relations between Wine Diffusion and the User. In controversy case, whichever of is the reason or the period in which the facts have been carried out, only the new modified version of the agreement will have obligatory value between the parts.

8.1 The present agreement, therefore as the several relations between the User and Wine Diffusion are regulated from the Italian laws.
8.2 In case of controversies, the parts agree to submit themselves to the exclusive competence of the Court of Vicenza.

9.1 In case of violation from the User part of one whichever of the dispositions of the present agreement between the parts, Wine Diffusion reserves the right, without indemnity and warning, to put aim to the User personal position, to eliminate the data that figure you on line, to cancel whichever demand and same offer on line about the User, to interrupt with the User whichever relationship of services demands to Wine Diffusion.
9.2 Wine Diffusion reserves the right, without indemnity and warning, to modify or to suspend the service, temporary or definitively. The User recognizes that Wine Diffusion can not be thought responsible in case of modification or suspension of the service.

10.1 The User recognizes and chip that the content of the situated one and in particular, but not exclusively, witnesses, photographies, video, software and programs, sounds, musics, paginations, diagrams, loghi, designs or whichever other information or data used from Wine Diffusion or the Customers who put announcements, are protect from their rights of author laws, mark, licence and whichever other right of intellectual or industrial property that is recognized to it from the laws in vigor. The assets linens acquire you to the inside of this Portal are of property of (Wine Diffusion) until the moment in which it comes credited the amount correspondent to the price of the products acquires to you.
10.2 The User cannot in some case to use, to print, or to reformat the content of situated for private fine others if the not those or familiar ones. It engages itself not to unload, to reproduce, to transmit, to sell or to distribute the content of situated without express of the autorization of Wine Diffusion.
10.3 Everyone recognizes that the accessible information and date base on situated of Wine Diffusion are property of Wine same Diffusion. The used of these data for a Customer must remain in private or familiar within. These information can not, in particular, be used to fine trade them, to be reproduced on a situated Internet, or put with through search software or a search engime.
11.1 Wine Diffusion reserves the right to contract out or to yield to thirds party the rights and obligation included to it in this agreement.
11.2 Fact that Wine Diffusion tolerates a lack from The User part towards one of the obligation previewed from the present agreement, or that it does not apply to a right any that is recognized to them from the present agreement, can not in some case to be interpreted like a renunciation from part its to make to be worth the own rights.
11.3 The titles them of articles of the present agreement of I use only are indicated to you and they can not alter or modify, in no way, the terms of the agreement same, included articles and connections to other situated in concession to Wine Diffusion.
11.4 In the hypothesis in which one any of articles or the paragraphs of the present conditions and generales term of the service is considered illegittimate from a law disposition or of future present regulations or or from a definitive decision judicial of the authority, such article or paragraph will be considered like not consistent, while all the other dispositions of the present conditions generale term of the service will conserve forces and binding value between the parts.
11.5 The shipments happen through a reliable courier are to national level that international. The courier is prechosen from Wine Diffusion that reservoir to replace itself to its discretion, with the objective to obtain the maximum of the reliability. The Producers will give execution to the order within two days from the payment of the product. The products travel with delivery previewed within the 48 hours in Italy (72 hours for smaller Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, islands, Venetian Lagoon). The shipping costs are determine to you holding account of the weight, the volume and the country of destination. Famous good: the shipments only happen with confection from minimum 6 bottles or multiples of 6, also with various types of wine for confection. They can be acquired a limitless confection number from 6 bottles, holding always present the minimal tie of 6 bottles or multiples of 6.
11.6 The supplied personal data from the Customer will be deal to you in the respect of the enforced laws electronically, they will not be diffuse to thirds party and they could only upon request be exhibited of the judicial authority that is from other authorized authorities for law. It remains moreover meant that the supplied personal data could be communicate to you to thirds party in the accomplishment of the necessary activities for the execution of the contract and exclusively in the within of such purpose.
11.7 The payment on line with credit card happens by means of sure the serveur system of Pay Pal Bank. The system guarantees the confidentiality of the data: carrying out purchases with sure the serveur system of Pay Pal Bank, it is sure that the data of the own credit card journey on Internet in classified way. The service is based on cryptography SSL to 128 bit (certifyd from Pay Pal Bank) and allows all Customer to insert the data of the own credit card in simple form "a HTML" and to transmit them in way sure to (Pay Pal Bank)  and to receive the relative message of outcome. Therefore Wine Diffusion, can not memorize in any way the number of your credit card, that it will become used for the procedures of a debit - exclusively from Pay Pal Bank, the bank that we have chosen in order to guarantee the maximum emergency to the transactions on line. For greater information to consult (
11.8 In case of no availability of the product, also temporary, of the products demands, Wine Diffusion, is engaged to contact by email the Customer which it will be able to demand the reimbursement of the paid price or the substitution with an equivalent product or other of equal amount. In order to accept the present conditions it generates them of the User service declares to the senses and for the effects dell'art. 1341, 2° comma, civil code, to have read with attention and specifically to approve of the contained of this agreement in regarding previous articles:
· Art. 1.c - Faculty of do no accept from this contract;
· Art. 2  -  Offered Service by the office of Spread on line;
. Art. 3.A - Restriction to the contractual freedom in the comparisons of the thirds party;
· Art. 4.A - Limitations of responsibility;

· Art. 8 - Law and competent Hole the Customer declares to have taken to vision this present generales term and conditions before to conclude the purchase procedure on line.

We declares, moreover, of having at least 18 years old.



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