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Our Expert



Our Dumb expert is Roberto, Wine steward professional and Barman, takes care itself mainly, of Advising and Intermediation, collaborates to tightened contact with tourist Agencies Wine Companies Wine technical Wine gastronomy, and various local agencies in the residence province, but also with restaurants, private and professionals persons who are interested about the world's wine. In this web site you
will find an immense and selected quality wines.
Mr. Roberto, periodically organize in the own province, course for the people who like to know the secret of the wine tasting, subdivided in 7/8 lessons of 3 hours approximately, 2 days a week, or also full-immersion from the Monday to the Saturday.
The course can be organized with the collaboration of wine cellars, Restaurants, Farm holidays, Traders of beverage, which wants to propose to the own agents or to the own customers, shape of culture of the wine, can be also turned at all the private that they want to deepen this argument, also on line. Roberto has attended the Hotel school of Recoaro Terme from the '78 to the '82, and has accumulated in more
than 20 years enough experience necessary, either in Italy or in the other Europe country. In 1996 it has attended a master of modernization near "l'Úcole des vins de Bourgogne", it is an expert connoisseur not only for Italian wines and from the World, but also from the other wine zones more important in the world
and in particular the Burgundy Bordeaux Champagne land and many other zones. He is constantly dawned on the quotations of the rarer and unavailable wines.
Recently it has devised a lovers course in DVD on italian language, many request, of simple reading but at the same time deepened, that it was be published in september 2005.

 In order to receive further information, contact Roberto

Some good reasons in order to contact us

Uva In order to have answers adapted to the own requirements comfortably from house or to the job.
Uva In order to find an aid or a professional council.
Uva In order to know and to deepen some arguments of enology and about wine-culture.
Uva In order to receive news in the privacy and personal way that regard wine .
Uva In order to know the quotations of the rarer wines.
Uva For being able to acquire or to sell with more security just a wine or a particular object, we remember that, all our bottles travel packed and protect in to the accredited cardboards thick 2,5 cm.
Uva In order to receive in all security wines of quality and particular objects.

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